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Tragedy is something we are all vulnerable to and, unfortunately, many families face the seemingly insurmountable tragedy of losing someone they love because of a wrongful death incident. The grief and sorrow that accompany the loss are difficult enough, but having to come to terms with the fact that the tragedy was the result of some negligence can compound the pain and suffering to greater extents.

A fatal injury unfairly cuts someone’s life short, and it also has the detrimental effect of impacting their loved ones, especially those closest to the person who may have been dependent upon them. A family coping with their loss might be having difficulty making decisions about how to move forward, in both emotional and financial regards. A wrongful death attorney can help grieving family members work with insurance companies to settle wrongful death claims. This can be a challenging and complicated legal process, which is probably not in the family’s best interest to take on. They have already been through so much at this point; they shouldn’t have to tackle one of the most complicated legal proceedings on their own.

Richard Sindell & Associates have worked with families devastated by wrongful deaths in the Seattle, Tacoma, Kirkland, and Bellevue areas for over 40 years. Their experience as wrongful death attorneys and medical malpractice lawyers has been instrumental in bringing closure to the most difficult situation that many of their clients have experienced.

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