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You were cruising down Interstate 705 on your motorcycle at 35 mph, splitting traffic while on your way to work. All of a sudden, a small sedan cuts you off in an attempt to switch to the next lane over. It is apparent that the driver failed to check their side view mirror, as you are beyond the point of being able to stop your motorcycle. The results were a destroyed motorcycle, a broken forearm, and a newly ingrained fear of reckless drivers who fail to comply with the rules of the road. This is a common accident, amongst many others, that Seattle area motorcycle enthusiasts have to confront.

Other incidences that cause severe injuries to motorcycle riders include rear-ending by tailgating vehicles, open doors, improper yielding before making a left turn, intersection collisions, and drug and alcohol related accidents.

A motorcycle accident attorney from Richard Sindell & Associates can assist motorcyclists who have suffered from motorcycle accident injuries in getting the right compensation for the injuries and damages sustained. Due to the nature of these kinds of accidents, motorcyclists can sustain serious and sometimes grave injuries. Severe injuries lawyers can help you focus on healing and getting your life back on track while they work through all of the complex legalities of bringing closure to your case.

As a motorcycle enthusiast who has sustained the physical and emotional injuries from an accident, you should not have to suffer anymore for someone else’s negligence. It is their duty to drive safely and be aware of the fact that they must share the road. Always be conscious of those on two wheels who are trying to get from one point to other, just like everyone else.

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