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After everything you’ve been through following your personal injury, the last thing you want or expect is to hear is that your insurance company is not willing to give you the coverage you paid for. When you sign up for insurance, you anticipate that they will be on your side in the event of such injuries. However, because of the nature of the insurance industry, denial and lack of sufficient compensation do happen, and they can get away with it. They best way to get what you paid for and deserve is to seek the advice of an insurance dispute attorney.

Insurance companies must be held accountable for their mistreatment and lack of communication with their customers. The failure to pay attorneys at Richard Sindell & Associates have over 40 years of experience negotiating with insurance companies and holding them to the fire when it comes to satisfying their personal injury customers. If you need advice negotiating with your company, disagree with the amount they are offering for compensation, or contesting a denied insurance coverage claim, then our team has what you need.

The bad faith insurance dispute attorneys at Richard Sindell & Associates will protect your rights in disputes over insurance coverage. If you live in or near the cities of Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, and Kirkland, and you are interested in successfully recovering the costs your insurance company owes you, then call us today to set up a free consultation. We will evaluate your case and help you understand what options are available to confront your insurance company and resolve your issue. You have been through enough as the victim of a personal injury.


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