Burn Victim

Burn Injury

Burn injuries, in addition to being one of the most painful types of injuries, often leave physical and emotional scars behind.  If you – or a family member – have sustained a serious burn injury, contact us at Richard Sindell & Associates.  We will help you determine whether you will be able to recover damages suffered due to your injury.


Civil law exists to compensate individuals for injuries and losses caused by negligence; defective products; and other forms of misconduct or failures to act.

Persons injured in accidents that result in being burned by chemicals, heat, friction, radiation, or electricity, are often hesitant about contacting an attorney because the accident or injury was in some way a result of their own actions.

Even if the injured person is partially responsible, substantial monetary recovery is still possible.

We can offer you:

  • Benefits of over forty years of experience working in personal injury law;
  • A compassionate team of individuals ready to listen and act in your best interest;
  • Connection to our large network of excellent physicians, physical therapists, and plastic surgeons even if you don’t have insurance;
  • Assistance in dealing with collections agencies for injuries associated with your claim.
  • Monetary damages may include:  compensation for medical bills, wage loss, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering.

Focus on healing, and leave the rest to us.

Please keep in mind that there are time limits within which you must commence a law suit.


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