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Sindell & Associates Inc. P.P.S., Personal Injury Attorneys are a law consultancy firm that helps personal injury victims. If you are injured in any motor vehicle accident, including a truck accident, we can help you seek the compensation you need and deserve for your injuries, lost wages and other costs of the crash, and if you lost a loved one in a fatal accident, we can file a wrongful death lawsuit. Our many years of experience in personal injury matters tells us that being free from financial worry can help enormously.

In that regard, we have laid out an extensive list of valuable information that we believe could help our clients and the general public regarding personal injuries. The list includes facts, guide and answers to the most-commonly-asked questions pertaining personal injuries and some of its preliminary legal matters.

Automobile Injuries

If you or a family-member have been injured in an automobile collision, you may be entitled to compensation to recover the costs of property damage, medical care, wage loss, disfigurement, and pain and suffering. Yet — whether or not you or the other parties have insurance, it is unlikely you will receive all that you are entitled to on your own. . . .[read more]. . .

Burn Victim

A burn injury can be one of the most traumatic personal injuries a person can suffer. The monetary, mental and physical costs of recovering from a burn injury are staggering. A burn injury can require months, sometimes years of hospitalization, doctors visits, physical therapy and often even require extensive counseling to overcome . . .[read more]. . .

Sexual Abuse

Seeking help for claims involving sexual abuse takes great courage.  You, or your loved one, deserve maximum protections and sensitive and caring professionals to assist you in your pursuit of justice. . .[read more]. . .

Severe Medical and Dental Injuries

You – or someone you know – may have suffered as a result of negligent advice or actions, or the failure to properly diagnose by a healthcare professional. Were you made aware of the risk you were taking when you placed your health and well-being in the hands of the institution or healthcare practitioner? Which outcomes are avoidable or unacceptable as a violation of the health professional’s standard of care?. . . [read more]. . .

Hospital-related and Nursing Home

Medical institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and health centers are responsible for the care and services they render. When a patient or client incurs  a personal injury as a consequence of negligence, misconduct or malpractice by medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists and staff members, the medical institutions they work with can be held additionally liable for compensation due for personal injuries suffered. . .[read more]. . .


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