I have over 40 years experience handling personal injury cases. I practiced for an insurance company for over a year and since then I have solely represented plaintiffs who have suffered personal injuries.

I have been a mediator with the Washington Arbitration and Mediation Services for 16 years. As a Personal Injury Lawyer, I have handled a wide variety of cases, some of them substantially in excess of $1 and $ 2 million, medical, dental, sexual abuse, burn cases, products liability,  motor vehicle, pedestrian, bike, motorcycle and slip and fall cases.

I have had many successful, trials, arbitration’s, and settlements. For example, I settled a case in excess of $1
million for a woman who was burned wearing a cotton flannel night gown without any warnings on it. The case was against
two manufactures and a large retail store.

I have settled a case for $2 million for a 5 year old girl who suffered from e coli bacteria, which caused ulcerative colitis, as the result of eating a hamburger at a fast food restaurant. Before I got involved, the parents were offered $11,000.

I have mediated cases up to $6 million in damages.

I am passionate about helping people with difficult, complex personal injury litigation and people who need sensitive treatment by their attorney, in addition to tenacity in handling the case


Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

Field of study

Law school
Columbia University

Law School 1961
New York, NY

USA&M Mediator Training, 1991;

USA&M Advanced Mediation Training, 2001


Advisory board of the burned children recovery foundation

Washington State Bar Association

Washington State Trial Lawyers Association

King County Bar Association

Washington Arbitration And Mediation Service


Chapters in three books ,The Back, and two motor vehicle

accident desk books published by our Washington State Bar

Association and The Washington State Trial Lawyers Association, the

plaintiffs’ lawyers bar association


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